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Cosmic Star Heroine game guide

The game is bugged for me in one of the story achievements. This may be one time thing or not. Contacted the developers and when I have more info will add it here.
Welcome to the Cosmic Star Heroine game guide. In this guide I will go through everything you need to do to achievement 100% completion and should take around 15 to 20 hours depending on the difficulty you choose to play in. The game is fairly linear but later in the game there are a few side quest and mission you may find your self lost and hope this step by step will help with that. So start the game up and choose hardest diffulty possible.

Chapter 1 - Planet Araenu: SkyBreaker Systems

After the cutscene here north and initite the first fight. If you are having trouble her is the solution:
* Laser
* Drown
* Breather (in the prog tab)
* Rest
* Drown
* Laser
After finishing the fights go to the menu and switch movement to run as this will make you move a lot faster and choose the difficulty you want to play the game. Keep following the path as the game is very straight forward right now and will give information when needed.

Chapter 1 or 3 - Planet Araenu: API HQ

After your first mini boss fight you will go to the API HQ, after you exit the elevator you can talk to the gaurd on the right and this will mention a soda. Now go to the cafeteria on the Southwest side and pick a soda from the middle vending machine and return it to the guard. This area has a limited access time so do this achievement as soon as you can or you will need to come back for it in a new playthrough.

Chapter 4 - Planet Araenu: Gehenna

When you reach Gehenna for the frist time you can talk to a man outside the shop on the right and this will start a quest to chase away 4 rats then talk to him without leaving area. If you leave the area just reenter and chase the 4 rats away again.

Chapter 5 - Planet Araenu: Festival

When you arrive at the festival head north and find the Rock paper Scissor booth you will have to win 7 rounds and here is the solution:
Round 1 - paper
Round 2 - rock
Round 3 - rock
Round 4 - paper
Round 5 - scissors
Round 6 - paper
Round 7 - scissors
Round 8 - rock
Head north fight the cat and with Lauren now in your party use successfully use charm in this or another fight for another achievement.

Chapter 6

Follow the story as normal and eventually you will get your own ship. Sue will hand his shield over. The shield allows Alyssa to use unite abilities. Go rest, and the story will progress. Astrea is under attack and you will automatically enter a fight. When it is Alyssa's turn to strike, choose Force Field from the program tab for the Teamwork achievement. Also on the ship if you talk to any of your party will pop the FriendShip achievement.

Chapter 7: Planet Rhomu

After finishing Chapter 6 you can control the destination of ship and there are a few new things that you can do now on the Planet Araenu but lets progress with the story and clean up later when more stuff is available to us. Head to new Rhome in Planet Rhomu for now to continue the story.

Chapter 7 - Planet Rhomu: New Rhomu

Go to the Sherriff's Department and speak to Ron Cynbel in the jail area, then speak to the officer at the desk and pay 20,000 Credits.
Then talk to the Sheriff and this will start a quest. Levea the building and head northeast enter the hotel and got to the first floor and pick up the stollen painting. 
Go to the far right of the map talk to the Tailor, and if you speak to Ron first to get the prompt to let him go for 20k credits, it also seems to complete the event for getting the dress from Tailorbot.
Now head north of the Tailor shop to the Art gallery and return the painting for the ticket. Now you can go Southwest to the casino.
After arriving to Enzo house head north past the fountain into a server like room here you will find a bot on the ground. Intereact with it then interact with the candle and this will open a secret passage so go listen to the guests. After that go outside the room and talk to the serving bot to know how to repair the bot. Head back inside and repair it. He will open another secret passage for you to have the full password head up the stair and open the room now the story is linear again.

Chapter 7 - Planet Rhomu: Enzo House

After arriving to Enzo house head north past the fountain into a server like room here you will find a bot on the ground. Intereact with it then interact with the candle and this will open a secret passage so go listen to the guests. After that go outside the room and talk to the serving bot to know how to repair the bot. Head back inside and repair it. He will open another secret passage for you to have the full password head up the stair and open the room now the story is linear again.

Chapter 7 - Planet Rhomu: Prison

Clarke will join you once you go to the party, break into the office and get thrown into the jail cell. After this, you will retrieve your belongings and get into a fight. During this fight, have Clarke use his "Self-Destruct" attack and the trophy will pop.

Chapter 7 - Planet Rhomu: Swamp

After escaping the prison you will head west to the swamp and here you will need to find 2 eyes to make a bridge. So head north and the first will be in a creature nest. After retreving the first eye head northwest and you will find the eye slots to create a bridge but for now you need to head south to find a house where you can bargain for the second eye.

Chapter 7 - Planet Rhomu: Scimerex Camp

Enter the first hub on the left to get the translator. Then return to the entrance of the village and open the storage. Head straight to your left and get the item inside the storage facility. Now head to the second building on the right and hand over the capacitor to the first guy, you may need to talk to him twice. Now head to the first building on the right and use the scanner.

Chapter 8 - Planet Rhomu: Hive

After leaving the camp, before heading to the hive enter a clearing north of the camp and after the first fight go right in small path and you will find Joshua Collins to recruit.
The hive is very straight forawrd, just climb it to the top floor by gathering blue and yellow batteries. When you reach the top you will face the nightmare and meet Psybe. 
Return to the scimerex camp, with Psybe in your party to recruit Vraxx

Chapter 9 - Rhomu: Ghost Town and Cave

After the hive go southwest and you will enter a Mine leading to a ghost town, enter the house to activate the switch to move the cart along. The puzzle is very straight forward wiht a story achievement at the end.

Chapter 10 - Planet Nuluup

After you talk to the mayor and get released head left an enter the first door and private Orson will join your party.
Head north to the major place and check his body, your cup and his office.Now you can head right to the hotel. 
And get the chemical in the room and head to the TechLab on the west side of the city.
On the South West area of the city you can recruit Correy.Now head to the right and enter the NuBurger. Talk to the reception to receive the security footage and then retrieve the vial from the machine in the back of the shop.Head right and enter the library, and check the security footage.

Chapter 11 - Planet Nuluup: Waterfall Caves

After being proving your innocence head northwest and after you see the first waterfall head northeast and enter the laboratory with a shield shop next to it. Defeat the hollow knight and recruit Endymion.

Head north to the NuBurger Factory. Reginn is the one in the middle. Talk to him and he will mention that he needs a ghost shroom, which is located in a cave in the north western part of the map just after the waterfall. Get the shroom and head back to the Factory to recruit Reginn.

After the laboratory head west to the second waterfall and press enter and follow the linear path to finish the chapter.

Return to the planet and have Chann in your party, head to the northwest side of the city and complete the gunmancy trial. After completing the trial recruit Sara in the entrance.

Chapter 12 - Asteroid: Ruins

Only thing worth mention in the Asteroid level is to not talk to Thompson as soon as you start to recruit him.

Point of no return - Clean up

Now that you about to finish the game let's clean up all the missing achievements related to side quests and missing recruits. Start frist by going to the ship and talk to the following team members: Finn, Dave, Psybe and Sue
Planet Araenu
Go to the uppermost section of the festival area to fight the cat, Paws, by speaking to the guy near him. If you already fought him now you only need to talk for him to join your crew.
Head south and enter in Volts. Talk to Coolgal525 is at the counter and he will join the team. Defeat everyone to give Dave his high score again.
Go to the Nightshade in Gehenna and have Clarke in the party, then speak to Swane on the dance floor
Go to the homeless shelter in the southwest part of Gehenna and have Sue in your party, then speak to Kevin Clarke near the counter.
Leaning against the Gehenna Shelter under the yellow sign. Speak to her and she will ask for $10,000. Pay her and she will join. (I first had to pay her 600 before Fin's side quest, then another 10k afterwards for her to join).
Head North and enter S.A.P.D to start Fin Sidequest. Recruit Brennan that can be found in the eastern path and defeat the zombie.
Planet Rhomu

Go to new Rhomu and go to the second floor of the saloon and you will find Noct Egret. Have Z'xorv in the party before speaking to him.

Head southwest of new Rhomu  and follow the signs to Zanzaran Mines to start Sue sidequest and here you can recruit Johnny.

Leave the area and head southeast until you find Chutullu lair. Defeat him for the Eldrich master achievement.

Now head to the Scimirex Village, recruit Vraxz in the village and Northeast of the village in an optional area recruit Joshua if you haven't done so.

Head Northwest back to the Ghost Town and defeat the scavanger for the Scavenger achievement. (This on popped for me during the main story instead but should have happened here.)
Planet Nuluup

Go to the Police Station speak to the man lying down in the first cell who mentions Dem, then go west of the town, taking the first lower path to a cave (not the same cave area as the one you go through for the story, a little east of it and closer to the town), go through it and interact with the grave marker in the outside area.

On the NorthWest side of the town you can find Gunmaney Temple. Head on in and examine the object at the back of the room. This will begin the trial. It is not too hard a fight, and the trophy will pop when you complete this trial. Make sure you talk to Sara on your way out to recruit her.

If you haven't recruited Correy yet head south of the temple and she can be found there. You can also recruit Reginn and Endymion Northwest of the city if you haven't done so before check the Chapter 11 - Planet Nuluup: Waterfall Caves section above.
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