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Collect all items that once belonged to Johnny Silverhand.
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Collectible #1 – Johnny’s Tank Top.
Automatic reward for completing Main Mission “Tapeworm”. This is just before the final story mission, near the end of the game..

Collectible #2 – Johnny’s Aviators.
Automatic reward during Side Job “Chippin’ In”. This is part of Rogue’s Side Questline. “Chippin’ In” gets added to your journal (quest log) automatically over the course of the story, some time after doing Rogue’s main jobs. If you play through the story first to get Johnny’s Tank Top you will automatically have this Side Job unlocked by that point. Johnny will put on the Aviators (sunglasses) during a scripted car ride with a girl named Ruby..

Collectible #3 – Replica of Johnny’s Samurai Jacket.
Automatic reward during Side Job “Chippin’ In”. Same quest as above. Can’t miss it. Rogue gives you the Jacket from the trunk of her car automatically..

Collectible #4 – Johnny’s Gun (Malorian Arms 3516).
Automatically picked up from the floor after you meet Grayson in Side Job “Chippin’ In” (same quest as above). You will actually get a main objective for it “Take Johnny’s Gun”. During the dialogue with Grayson there are only two choices “Take Gun” and “Take Gun”, so you will take it either way..

Collectible #5 – Johnny’s Car (Porsche 911).
Note needed for Breathtaking, but missable – Also during Side Job “Chippin’ In”, same place where you get Johnny’s Revolver. Either don’t draw your weapon on Grayson (choose “Put Weapon Away”) so he gives you the key, or if you kill him loot the key from him. Then the next main objective is to “open the container” which has the Porsche 911 inside. It gets added to your vehicles list automatically (but doesn’t count towards Autojock trophy / achievement either as you only need purchasable vehicles for that). The Porsche 911 is missable! If you don’t grab the key from Grayson you wouldn’t get the objective to open the container and you can’t go back for it after the mission. It doesn’t matter for any trophies but it’s nice to have an extra car, so the recommended choice is to get it..

Collectible #6 – Johnny’s Pants.
MISSABLE - During Side Gig “Psychofan” (in Heywood), you enter a penthouse and get the objective to steal Kerry Eurodyne’s Guitar. In the bedroom before the Guitar, there’s a suitcase that contains Johnny’s Pants. It will actually have a yellow icon on it and you have to walk past it to get to the guitar room, so very easy to see (in plain sight, no way to not see it). The reason this is missable is that you can only find it during the “Psychofan” Gig. If you forget to loot the suitcase you cannot return to it after the gig as the elevator will be locked. To trigger the “Psychofan” Gig there are no special requirements. It unlocks automatically after gaining access to Heywood’s Fixer and having increased your Street Cred a little. If it doesn’t show, do some NCPD Scanner Events (blue markers) in the Heywood area..

Collectible #7 – Johnny’s Shoes
During Side Gig “Family Heirloom“, it’s in the same cabinet where you have to loot the main objective from (“Bootleg Shard”). It’s in an underground parking garage, walk down the path from the north-east side of the building to reach the garage. There are a bunch of enemies in the garage too, clear them out first.
In order to trigger the “Family Heirloom” Gig you must have finished at least the Main Story Mission “Ghost Town” which is a main quest you do for Rogue. You will also need to be Street Cred Level 35. If the Gig icon doesn’t show on the map, be sure to complete some NCPD Scanner Events in the Westbrook / Charter Hill District. It only showed up for me after doing some nearby NCPD Events (the blue icons on map). If that still doesn’t spawn it, try doing some nearby Gigs. The waypoints of that Gig automatically bring you to the locker with Johnny’s Shoes in it, because it’s a marked main objective. If you forget to pick it up you can still return at any time after this gig to collect it.
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warningMissable - These achievements are only obtained at specific points of the game and may required a new playthrough to unlock it.
Buy all vehicles available for purchase.
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Buying all vehicles costs €$ 1,798,000 Eurodollars.I would recommend looting and selling throughout the game. I ended up with 1.2 million Eurodollars at the end of all side quests. There is a way to generate money in the game which is not a glitch method and is legitimate so this will never get patched unlike other methods.Go to vending machines that sell drinks. Buy them for 10 euro dollars each and then break them down for crafting and you will get rare components. Craft either a sniper rifle or assault rife and then sell it at a vendor. This makes between 800-1200 eddies per sale. I made 500k in an hour. The best place to find these machines are neat the megabuildings. If you run out of vending machines then skip time by 24 hours and fast travel to another location and all area will be restocked.Galena G240 – €$13,000 – Watson
Quartz EC-L R275 – €$29,000 – Watson (at Street Cred 12)
Thorton Colby C240T – €$39,000 – Watson (at Street Cred 20)
Shion MZ2 – €$75,000 – Watson, visit Little China (at Street Cred 30)
Type-66 “Cthulu” – (Free) – Watson, if you saved Sampson in Side Job “The Beast in Me” you get it for free in that quest, otherwise it becomes available for purchase after this quest in Watson
Maimai P126 – €$14,000 – Westbrook
Kusanagi CT-3X – €$22,000 – Westbrook (at Street Cred 12)
Turbo-R 740 – €$129,000 – Westbrook, visit Charter Hill (at Street Cred 30)
Arch Nazaré – €$138,000 – Westbrook (at Street Cred 40)
Aerondight “Guinevere” – €$225,000 – Westbrook, visit North Oak (at Street Cred 50)
Columbus V340-F Freight – €$19,000 – City Center
Emperor 620 Ragnar – €$32,000 – City Center (at Street Cred 12)
Quadra Type-66 Avenger – €$55,000 – City Center (at Street Cred 20)
Outlaw GTS – €$62,000 – City Center, visit Corpo Plaza (at Street Cred 30)
Caliburn – €$157,000 – City Center, visit Downtown (at Street Cred 40)
Thrax 388 Jefferson – €$17,000 – Heywood
Cortes V5000 Valor – €$37,000 – Heywood (at Street Cred 12)
Alvarado V4F 570 Delegate – €$62,000 – Heywood (at Street Cred 20)
Apollo – €$ 94,000 – Heywood (at Street Cred 30)
Supron FS3 – €$16,000 – Santo Domingo
Thorton Colby CX410 Butte – €$43,000 – Santo Domingo (at Street Cred 12)
Type-66 640 TS – €$58,000 – Santo Domingo (at Street Cred 20)
Mackinaw MTL1 – €$ 128,000 – Santo Domingo (at Street Cred 30)
Thorton Galena “Gecko” – €$21,000 – Badlands
Thorton Colby “Little Mule” – €$49,000 – Badlands (at Street Cred 12)
Shion “Coyote” – €$115,000 – Badlands (at Street Cred 20)
Quadra Type-66 “Javelina” – €$73,000 – Badlands (at Street Cred 30)
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