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FORECLOSED 100% Achievement Guide

Welcome to our FORECLOSED achievement guide. FORECLOSED is a narrative-driven action-adventure set in a Cyberpunk world filled with action, suspense, & experimental augmentations where you the story of Evan Kapnos in this sleek comic book styled game as he unravels the conspiracy behind his identity foreclosure.
The game takes around 2-4h to complete, there is only one missable achievement where you are tasked with finding all hidden signals in a single run. For all the kill types a chapter select will unlocked at the end of the game where you can farm any type of kills you may have missed.

Telekinetic Bullets

Telekinetic Bullets are unlocked quite late in the game and you may need to farm a few enemies either by dying and respawning or at the end of the game by using the chapter select.

Hidden Signals Locations

Sucertech Headquarters
	1. Not missable, part of the tutorial
	2. After a fight in a big office area with balconies, the stair case will unlock, at the top instead of going left, head right to the end of the balcony.

Kylos Club
	1. As soon as you land, walk behind the car.
	2. After the fight in the kitchen, room to the left of the entry where two enemies spawn.
	3. After the fight in the kitchen, room on the back of the kitchen to the right
	4. After the restaurant fight, in the back of there is a stage, in front of it in a slightly raised platform.
	5. After the restaurant fight, in the back of the stage behind a computer
	6. After facing Kylos, instead of going back down the stairs, walk into the room next to him.

	1. After going down the elevator, go to the left of the room
	2. After moving the crane, and from top of the crane go left into a dead end.
	3. After crossing the gap and finding another elevator, don’t go down immediately, keep going forward.

	1. After exiting the ride, at the end of the corridor before the balcony on the left there is a small room.
	2. After clearing the area, there is a control room on the left side.
	3. From the previous signal go down a ramp and under the ramp you can find another one.

Window Jump
	1. After finish the fight after you jump there is a signal at the room in the back to the right.

Parking lot
	1. After the parking lot fight, to the opposite side of where you come in.
	2. Return to elevator where you came in and to the right there is a small entrance

	1. As soon as you arrive, behind the Welcome sign you will find a alley
	2. After you drop down and kill the enemies to your right near drinking machines
	3. From the previous, progress forward and after another fight before going right keep heading ahead and at the end you should find another one
	4. From the previous, cross the house until you are in a balcony and start another fight, behind you there is another one.
	5. After killing 2 guys across a balcony, head straight ahead for another fight. After the fight next to a big red window there is another signal.

Shape Shift
	1. At the start, climb the stairs and don't turn left. Walk forward for the last Signal in the game.
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12 Aug 2021
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10 (2.7 %)
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3 h 30 m
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5 - 7 h
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