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From Space - Multiplayer Demo
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            Demo games are provided at no additional cost to you. Availability is subject to game publisher's permission which may be revoked at any time. Once claimed, a demo game will be available to play in your Stadia Library unless a game publisher revokes permission. Upon revocation of permission or expiration of the availability period, the demo game will no longer be available to play or as part of your Stadia Library.

A military squad along with a prototype weapon are being flown in by helicopter into an alien infested area. During the approach the helicopter is taken down, separating the squad and the weapon. Your objectives are;

- Retrieve the prototype weapon.
- Charge it with energy from the crystals.
- Bring it to the destination and set it off.

The demo is best enjoyed when playing with friends. You can invite them at any time, and they will appear in the starting area.

From Space is an online co-op game where you and a your friends take on the challenge of liberating the Earth from an alien infestation. Improve your skills and build your arsenal of weapons as you explore every corner of this post-apocalyptic world.


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14 Sep 2021
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From Space - Multiplayer Demo
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