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Little Big Workshop Roadmap


Welcome to Little Big Workshop Achievement Guide! Little Big Workshop is a management simulation where you control tiny, tabletop factory. It’s done so with an adorable aesthetic, a tabletop industry where cute little workers run about and assemble anything from ducks to more complex formula 1 cars as they expand and build their business. You will need to manage workers happiness, available machinery and organisation of the factory to reach success and surpass the Nemsis Inc.
Absolutely loved playing Little Big Workshop, it should take around 30-40h if you focus on a single playthrough. Most of them are easily unlocked by normally playing the game except for one single achievement which I will go into more detail on how to get it.

Step 1: Play and Enjoy the game!

The game will follow a certain pattern meet a client, do job for said client and unlock his final challenge. This along side the milestone should be your focus during the first hours of the game.

Step 2: Late game, reach level 40 and 1.000.000 !

Now for late game you will have two more grindy achievements to complete reach Level 40 and raise your current funds to 1.000.000. I managed this two by focusing on two specific challenges:
- Mitz with the MiniCar, which gave between 32k and 36k 
- Swekia with the Fancy Office chairs, which gave between 32k and 38k.
The best way to approach these is to have a Swekia challenge as the main focus of your workers, the time line is between 3 to 5 days and as the second priority the MiniCar, which take more than 10 days and will prevent your workers from becoming idle during the assemble phase which normally you don’t need more than one or two workers for. The best tips I can give is to re-configure your factory around these two challenges and try to have them in different stages material delivery/component building and assemble/product delivery if you have a small factory with shared machinery between the plans.
Also I found that reducing the size and number of workers to focus on efficiency over massive number reduced my spending costs and helped me reach the 1.000.000 faster.

Step 3: Lazy Pete

The best way to get this one is to start a new game until a red 2 story house appears on a book. Maximum zoom into house until you see Pete lazing about on a chair, then click on him and he will disappear . Speed up time and wait 24 hrs and he will be sitting on fence near the red phone (some say he is near the truck spawn) and the achievement will pop when you click on him for the second time.
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05 Nov 2020
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30 h 7 m
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46 - 54 h
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