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PixelJunk Raiders Guide

PixelJunk can be a little bit hard at the start but don't worry because it gets even worst. So I just wanted to write a few tips I wish I knew when I initially started to play the game.


After each sucessfull mission, you will get a score that will increase your rank and at each level you will be able to upgrade your avatar.To make your job easier start with the following upgrades:
Lootable Corpse Patch
Spin Attack Patch
Guard break Patch
These 3 are the ones I find most usefull during my playthrough so far. The Lootable corpse is an essential upgrade if you don't want to be farming new weapons and imprints each time you die. The spin attack can destroy large attacks on minions that otherwise you could be overhelmed, works well with the hammer upgrade as the massive damage can one shots lower level minions. The guard break is just usefull to take care of blue minion which are normally are in a defensive position and would take you longer to defeat them.


The super jump is going to be your main travel mechanic in this game. It costs a total of 30SP for each use so until you upgrade it further you have to wait for the regen to happen before being able to use it again.
There are a few things you can do with the Super Jump that will help you traverse the map. First you can increase or shorten your distance. To increase the distance you simply need to jump while in midair, do not jump to far away from the ground otherwise this may result on you taking fall damage (Every hp point matters). To shorten your super jump you simply need to jump with an input direction opposite of your movement, this is a great tool to quickly get to higher places by moving the camera up before charging the super jump or just to hop between building although normally you can accomplish this with a triple jump timed correctly.
After you upgrade your SP, holding the super jump even after already being charged will increase it's distance.


So far in the game I found 5 types of rescue. City, Tower, Underground, Forest and small campfires. All these can be found by looking around as mentioned in the tutorial but I find the best way is to open the map and look for dotted circles which indicate the area a villager, this is change to green icon as soon you make visual contact with them. These is also the best way to be sure in an underground complex if you cleared all the villagers or not.
The City Rescue is one of the best to start with when you initialy arrive to a new map, there is an higher change of loot, upgrades and elemental runes to give you the best chances of survival. Try to scout the town before start fighting large amount of minions as you can find multiple upgrades that will increase your chances and help you start healthier. When you rescue everyone in a city you will get a full health pack try to save it you are not low on health because you can always come back later to get it if you ever need it.
The Forest rescue can be a tricky one later in the game. You will need to find 4 beacons in the forest biome, they are normally easy to spot and you can hear a distinc sound when you get closer but on the large biomes it can take a while. You can avoid most fights here, just be careful with the mojitos look at the radar and quickly take care of them. Also avoid the big tree, they hurt... alot.


The combat itself is very simple you can attack with left or right weapon, dodge, block and parry. The enemies by themselves are also not very threatening most have one or two sets of movements, and all can be side stepped or parried and you won't take any damage. Although this is not a 1 vs 1 fight, this is an invasion and you will be facing multiple enemies at a time and the best advice I can give you straight awayis that you gonna need pacient, position yourself correctly and take advantage of your surrondings.
Let's first start with the basics, you can attack with your right and left, block and if you jump while blocking it's a dodge and not sure but I believe there is a few Invincibility Frames you can take advantage of and reposition yourself to attack. Although the problem in combat is you will be running out of stamina if you don't take small break for it to regen, and if you attack too much you won't be able to regen it back it time for the dodge or any ability you might need to use. So to avoid this problem try to do small combos, step back and return when you see an opening. Another thing to take in consideration is the fact that you don't regen SP while midair so avoid jumping too much in combat as this will delay the process.
One of the most common situation you will be facing is a bunch of minions coming to, with different levels. I normally try to go for the easy front line lvl 1's if there aren't too many otherwise I would advise going for the backline itself as they are normally weaker and you are safe as you can interrupt the shooting ability.


Turrets can be a curse or a blessing, if used correctly they can help you destroy the largest hordes of enemies but they can also kill you. Both enemy's and your can damage you but the same is true for the minions. So if you see a turret and you don't have the currency or timing to destroy and hack it, position yourself in a way so the attacking minion stand in the between you and the turret.

Wiping and Unarmed Combat

It will happen eventually, so try to get used to it and don't be afraid to take larger minions. In terms of damage there is obvious a weakness but there is a big strength we can abuse to increase or chances in Unarmed Combat and it's the fact it doesn't get destroyed. It higher tier maps at least you are almost sure to find a few elemental power ups, which in a normal weapon would expire as soon as your weapon is destroyed but unless you die they will stick to your fists for the enterity of the map. If you combine an electricty power up with some attack speed to that arm you can activate multiple chains of lightning, killling the majority of lower level minions leaving you alone with higher level which are a lot easier to face 1 vs 1.
If you died and lost all your weapons and prefer not to go unarmed into the fight use the state share bellow for weapons so you never go unarmed into the fight

State Shares

The community is comming together and creating an amazing spreedsheet with multiple state shares to help each other progress to the game. Also you can add to it and submit a new entry to help the next person.

Weapons Farming

Treasure Farming

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