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Getting better in Super Bomberman R Online

Do you feel like you don't know what you're doing in Super Bomberman R Online? You find that manual not really helpful? Let's collect some useful tips for new players.
I only know some basics myself. But I want to start somewhere :)

How do I throw bombs?

When you collect the blue glove, you keep it for the rest of the match and it enables you to pick up your own bombs and throw it. To do that, you need to plant a bomb, stay on the field and press the plant button again. You will throw it in the direction you're looking at. If it's a wall, it will fly over the wall and appear on the opposite side of the grid.
Some Characters have the ability to throw bombs permanently and don't need to pick up the item.

How do I kick bombs?

When you have the kick power you just walk up to the bomb, no button press needed, and they'll slide away from you in the direction that you hit them until they reach a wall or another player with kick power. If a bomb is kicked in your direction and you also have the kick power the bomb will stop in front of you and you can kick it again.
Also with the kick power, once you kick a bomb and it's moving, you can press the Y button at any time and the bomb will stop, even if it hasn't reached a wall yet.

How do I punch bombs?

If you collected the item boxing glove, you can punch bombs and they will advance two rows (same behavior hitting the wall as blue gloves). While standing next to a bomb, press X. You can also punch enemy bombs.

Riding Louie

If you collect a big egg, you'll get to mount Louie. Pressing B will let you dash in the direction you're facing to the edge of the stage.
You lose the ability to punch/throw bombs while riding one.

Which character should I use?

I prefer White because he can max out the range, bombs and movement skills up to 8. For starters, I'd suggest Pink, she has all 3 skills locked on 5, but you have them from the beginning.
The other characters mainly differ in their starting skill set and their max values. Or which special item they have equipped, can equip or a special ability.

Special abilities

The Bomber characters don't have them. The other three categories of characters (Attack, Speed, Unique) have special abilities that you can activate by pressing X.
Some special abilities last for some seconds and have a recharge time (e.g. pyramid head kills any enemy he comes in contact with while his special ability is active), other are immediate (e.g. Simon Belmont has a whip that can stun enemies and collect items).
Original Source :  la2eee on reddit


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